The application of the circular economy is synonymous with savings and good practices in Valencian municipalities

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This morning the conference-debate 'Promotion of circular economy projects in local administration' took place, organized by the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model of the University of Valencia, being the second of the on-line conferences that have focused on around the importance of the new economic model. Thus, it has exposed its validity in different areas such as water resources and the policies applied to municipalities. A session that has counted, like the first, with the coordination of the director of the Chair, Francesc Hernández. Today the first vice-president of the Valencia Provincial Council and deputy for the environment area, [...]

New course of University Expert in Circular Economy Projects in the Water Sector


The Water Economy Group of the Universy of Valencia, linket to the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model, has organized a University Expert Course on Circular Economy Projects in the Water Sector. With the aim of expanding knowledge about Circular Economy (CE) and water, the degree is aimed at all graduates, graduates or engineers interested in the field of CE, and students with less than 10% of their degree remaining will be accepted as well. Technicians or professionals looking for new opportunities, a greater specialization or take a leap in their career towards a sector with great labor demand will [...]

Life Libernitrate, a solution to the problem of nitrates in water


The Life Libernitrate project aims to solve the problem of nitrates in groundwater, improving its quality and ensuring that the population can re-supply itself from the analyzed aquifers. The novelty of the Libernitrate is the construction of a filter formed by the ash from the rice straw, which is capable of retaining the nitrates from the water. Thanks to the filters developed by the project, nitrate reductions of up to 30% are achieved, while providing innovative technology with a lower operating cost. From the environmental point of view, the impact of Libernitrate is very positive, since nitrate contamination is reduced and, [...]

Circular economy for the creation of constructed wetlands


El Grup d’Economia de l’Aigua de la Universitat de València, which members are also part of the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model, participates in the Life Renaturwat project. The initiative, which aims to create artificial wetlands using the mud produced in the sedimentation stages of the water purification process, promotes the use of the circular economy in the water sector. The project manages to revalue the mud originating from drinking water and, simultaneously, improves the quality of the effluent from the Vall dels Alcalans water purification plant, which serves the towns of Montserrat, Montroi and Real de Montroi [...]

The ‘Guardian’ project, a good example of circular economy in Valencia


'La Vallesa forest', in the Turia Natural Park, is the epicenter of the ambitious European project 'Guardian', with the aim of increasing its resilience to fire through the use of reclaimed water. The initiative has a grant from the European Union and is led by the Riba-roja and Paterna city councils, as well as Hidraqua, Medi XXI, Cetaqua, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Universitat de València (UV). Leading the challenge is Professor Francesc Hernández, director of the UV Economic Model Transformation Chair and the Water Economics Group at the University. According to Hernández, “our responsibility in the project [...]

The circular economy and the impact of Covid-19 in the Valencian Community will be analyzed


The research will play a relevant role in the tasks that the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model of the University of Valencia will launch in the coming months, in the final stretch of 2020. In this sense, the director of the Chair, Francisco Hernández , has recalled that within the framework of the activities programmed and approved jointly with the Finance and Economic Model Department, two studies have been planned. One of them is a work on the opportunities that the circular economy represents in the face of the recovery of those productive sectors most affected by the [...]

The increasing value of cooperation in post-Covid competitiveness


The director of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model of the Universitat de València took part, last Wednesday, July 22, in the course Economy, prosperity and ecological limits. From competitiveness to mutual aid in the framework of online activities carried out between the 17th and 24th of July at the Gandia Summer University, which this year carries the motto Turn to sustainability. In an online session, Francesc Hernández spoke at a round table together with Carmen Castro, from the UV Institute of Women's Studies and Chair of Feminist Economics, and Vicent Cucarella, Síndic Major de Comptes of the Valencian [...]

Useful web resources for the presentation of Circular Economy proposals for european programs


In 2015, the European Union defined the Circular Economy as a priority area of ​​work that required a transversal application in all its policies. During the 2018-2020 period, the EU slogan has been "connecting environmental and economic benefits through the Circular Economy". The main objectives, achievements and future work areas of Circular Economy are defined in the report of the same issue published in the year 2,017. Both the structural funds of the EU and many others have come to incorporate the Circular Economy (EC) as a key issue and have opened many calls in which it is a priority. The [...]

Improving the quality of the proposals, key to obtaining European funding for circular economy projects


The Building of Research Institutes of the Tarongers Campus of the University of Valencia hosted today a practical workshop designed to publicize and facilitate access to European funding programs in the field of circular economy. Within the framework of the training activities of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model: Circular Economy in the Water Sector, promoted by the University of Valencia and the Finance and Economic Model Department of the Generalitat Valenciana, the workshop has been addressed to public and private organisations, local administrations, research centers, companies and, ultimately, all those social agents interested in promoting and implementing circular [...]

New workshop for the preparation of proposals for European circular economy programs


After the official presentation of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model of the UV on the meeting Reuse in the framework of the circular economy: a necessary challenge held on October 30, the training activities of the Chair begin, to achieve its predefined goals. According to that, a practical workshop has been organized in order to raise awareness and facilitate access to European financing programs in the field of circular economy. The workshop, which will take place next Wednesday, November 20 at the Research Institute Building of the Tarongers Campus of the UV (program and registration), is addressed to [...]

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