El Grup d’Economia de l’Aigua de la Universitat de València, which members are also part of the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model, participates in the Life Renaturwat project. The initiative, which aims to create artificial wetlands using the mud produced in the sedimentation stages of the water purification process, promotes the use of the circular economy in the water sector. The project manages to revalue the mud originating from drinking water and, simultaneously, improves the quality of the effluent from the Vall dels Alcalans water purification plant, which serves the towns of Montserrat, Montroi and Real de Montroi (Valencia).

Named ‘Integration of circular economy and biodiversity in sustainable water treatments through artificial wetlands’ (LIFE19 RENATURWAT), the project has been approved within the LIFE 2014-2020 financing program of the European Commission and is part of the European circular economy policies in the integral water cycle (further information at EFEverde.com).