The Building of Research Institutes of the Tarongers Campus of the University of Valencia hosted today a practical workshop designed to publicize and facilitate access to European funding programs in the field of circular economy.

Within the framework of the training activities of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model: Circular Economy in the Water Sector, promoted by the University of Valencia and the Finance and Economic Model Department of the Generalitat Valenciana, the workshop has been addressed to public and private organisations, local administrations, research centers, companies and, ultimately, all those social agents interested in promoting and implementing circular economy projects. The workshop focused on the project development phases, the specific requirements of each program. Moreover, specific guidelines and recommendations have been offered.

On the meeting, the European project management consultant Carlos Agustí highlighted the training of applicants as a key to obtaining financing in European programs: “First of all, English is essential to present any project, and on the other hand, we must know well other experiences of projects presented, because the problem we have in Spain and Italy is that we have a large differential with respect to other countries in terms of the result of the applications. Only 10% are approved, so we have to learn from all the experiences”. In conclusion, “we need to improve the quality of the proposals”. Agustí has stressed as well that many calls are open “beyond companies, from associations to town halls and other types of organizations: it is imperative that everyone is attentive to the calls.” On the other hand, the consultant has recommended choosing international partners from Eastern countries “because there is a criterion of geographical coherence and from the East there are not as many projects as from here.”

In turn, Julio Sanchis, head of the Technical Support Service for the Operational Programs of the General Directorate of European Funds of the Generalitat Valenciana, has reported on the different calls for aid that the European Union finances in the Valencian Community. Specifically, a call for technology centers has been opened in collaboration with companies and another for business clusters on Industry 4.0 and circular economy, the latter not financed with European funds. Finally, Sanchis has given some advice to find calls for circular economy projects of the European Commission.