On November 3 from 9 a.m., the valencian Network of Chairs for the Transformation of the Economic Model will put the culmination of its activity in 2020, in a session in webinar format with the participation of the authorities and the directors of the 5 chairs that make up the Network in Valencian universities, in addition to the interventions of two specialists Rafael Doménech and Francisco Mas. Domenech, a professor at the University of Valencia, is also head of economic analysis at BBVA Research, a doctorate in Economics from the UV and former director general of the Economic Office of the President of the Government, as well as director of the Institute of International Economics. In turn, Francisco Mas is technical secretary of the Valencian Council of Innovation, professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and member of the team that designed the creation of IMPIVA, now IVACE, and the constitution of the technological institutes of the Community.

The session can be followed live on Zoom (here).


9 am Inauguration by Vicent Soler i Marco, valencian Minister of Finance and Economic Model

9.15 am Presentations of the chairs of the Xarxa as balance of the year 2020. Coordinated by Xavier Molina Morales, director of the Chair of Transformació del Model Econòmic de UJI

  • Intervention of the UV Chair (director: Francesc Hernández)
  • Intervention of the UA Chair (director: Paloma Taltavull)
  • Intervention of the UPV Chair (director: José M.Bernabéu)
  • Intervention of the UMH Chair (director: José Antonio Belso)
  • Intervention of the UJI Chair (director: Xavier Molina)

10 am Debate with experts, moderated by Juan Salvador Pérez, general director of Economic Model, Financing and Financial Policy

  • Economic model. Environmental sustainability: Rafael Doménech (University of Valencia)
  • Economic model. Economic sustainability: Francisco Mas (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

11.15 am Assessment of the experience of the Xarxa de Càtedres

11.30 am Closing by María José Mira Veintimilla, regional secretary of Economic Model, Financing and Financial Policy