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The circular economy, a tool for the transformation of the Valencian economic model


The new Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model: Circular Economy in the Water Sector of the University of Valencia was presented today at the Joan Plaça Auditorium of the Botanical Garden of the UV. This chair has been created jointly by the University with the inance and Economic Model Department of the Generalitat Valenciana, and has been presented in the ‘Reuse in the context of the circular economy: a necessary challenge’.ç The Vice Chancellor of Innovation and Transfer of the UV, María Dolores Real, has opened the meeting beside the general director of Economic Model, Autonomous Financing and Financial Policy, [...]

The circular water economy, a challenge of present and future


The concept of circular economy focuses on the interaction of environmental and economic aspects in order to reach a new model of society that uses and optimizes stocks and flows of materials, energy and waste. This is intended to ensure that the value of products, materials and resources (water, energy) remains in the economy for as long as possible, and that waste generation is minimized. Since the linear system of our economy (extraction, manufacturing, utilization and disposal) is unsustainable by depleting resources and negatively affecting the environment, it is about promoting a new circular economy that allows "closing the life [...]