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Life Libernitrate, a solution to the problem of nitrates in water


The Life Libernitrate project aims to solve the problem of nitrates in groundwater, improving its quality and ensuring that the population can re-supply itself from the analyzed aquifers. The novelty of the Libernitrate is the construction of a filter formed by the ash from the rice straw, which is capable of retaining the nitrates from the water. Thanks to the filters developed by the project, nitrate reductions of up to 30% are achieved, while providing innovative technology with a lower operating cost. From the environmental point of view, the impact of Libernitrate is very positive, since nitrate contamination is reduced and, [...]

The cost of inaction, a boost for the advance of the circular economy

2020-09-26T09:01:05+02:0009/26/2020|Sense categoria|

"What we have done in a new way is to develop a concept known as the 'cost of not acting'. If in the end a circular economy project is not executed - despite its viability - it will be clear that it is not a neutral decision. In other words, it will have very negative consequences for society. Furthermore, these costs will be quantified. In the end it is an awareness mechanism for the promotion of circular economy projects". These are the words of Professor Francisco Hernández, director of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model of the University of [...]

The ‘Guardian’ project, a good example of circular economy in Valencia


'La Vallesa forest', in the Turia Natural Park, is the epicenter of the ambitious European project 'Guardian', with the aim of increasing its resilience to fire through the use of reclaimed water. The initiative has a grant from the European Union and is led by the Riba-roja and Paterna city councils, as well as Hidraqua, Medi XXI, Cetaqua, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the Universitat de València (UV). Leading the challenge is Professor Francesc Hernández, director of the UV Economic Model Transformation Chair and the Water Economics Group at the University. According to Hernández, “our responsibility in the project [...]

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