The director of the Chair for the Transformation of the Economic Model, Francesc Hernández, has shown his “satisfaction with everything that has been achieved in recent months, despite the situation of Covid-19.”

Hernández has expressed this way at the meeting that has served as the closing of the last year of the Network of Chairs of Economic Model, among the different directors of the other Valencian universities in this project promoted by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model. A session in “on-line” format, which was opened by Minister Vicent Soler.

Among the main milestones reached by the Chair, Francesc Hernández highlights “on the one hand, the research, which has focused on two new scientific studies. One of them has to do with the opportunities of the circular economy. In this sense, Hernández insisted that “this model represents an opportunity to get out of the current situation we are experiencing.”

“On the other hand, the second of the studies focuses on detecting the main incentives to promote the circular economy, showing that it is feasible, and also profitable, to develop projects of this type. And we believe that these studies are useful within the objective of transforming the economic model”, he pointed out.

Regarding the field of training and organization of events, the head of the Chair has commented that different workshops and sessions of a face-to-face type were planned “which have had to be translated into the ‘on-line’ format due to the circumstances.”

However, Francisco Hernández recalled “the success of initiatives such as holding a practical workshop on different financing instruments for circular economy projects or participating in various seminars organized by the “Summer University of Gandia.”

Regarding the adaptation of activities due to Covid-19, he explained that “a planned seminar was transformed into two days of ‘on-line’ debates. The first of them focused on local administration and the second on success stories in the business environment in relation to the water sector and how to apply the circular economy to this key sector “.

Francesc Hernández has also shared with the rest of the participants the determination to “work on the dissemination of all the studies and research that have been carried out, so that they bring together as many people as possible. So that this knowledge not only serves to overcome the crisis but also to the transformation of the economic model “.

Finally, the director of the Chair wanted to acknowledge the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model, insisting on “the importance of the continuity of the effort made by the different chairs to change the current economic paradigm” .