The director of the Chair of Transformation of the Economic Model of the Universitat de València took part, last Wednesday, July 22, in the course Economy, prosperity and ecological limits. From competitiveness to mutual aid in the framework of online activities carried out between the 17th and 24th of July at the Gandia Summer University, which this year carries the motto Turn to sustainability.

In an online session, Francesc Hernández spoke at a round table together with Carmen Castro, from the UV Institute of Women’s Studies and Chair of Feminist Economics, and Vicent Cucarella, Síndic Major de Comptes of the Valencian Community. Professor Carmen Melo, director of the International Center of Gandia, moderated the debate, which analysed economy, prosperity and its limits of respect for nature, as well as the value of competitiveness and cooperation. One of the conclusions of the online meeting was the incompatibility of unlimited economic growth with sustainability and with the well-being of territories and populations of the next generations.